Application of thermal insulation materials in construction

Insulating materials generally refer to materials having a thermal coefficient less than or equal to 0.12. Insulation materials are rapidly evolving. The use of good insulation techniques and materials in industry and construction can often achieve twice the effect, with half the effort. Each ton of mineral wool insulation used in buildings can save one ton of oil per year.thermal insulation material suppliers

Application of thermal insulation materials in construction´╝Ü

Application of thermal insulation materials in construction

One.Wall insulation

Specifically, it refers to a kind of thermal insulation materials used for building walls. According to the location of use, it can be divided into: external wall insulation materials, interior wall insulation materials, roof insulation materials; according to the internal components of insulation materials, it can be divided into: inorganic insulation materials and organic insulation. material.

Two.External wall insulation

External wall insulation: 1, silicate insulation material 2, ceramic insulation material 3, rubber powder polystyrene particles 4, steel wire mesh mining foam board (Shu Le board) 5, extruded board XPS 6, hard foam polyurethane on-site spraying, Hard foam polyurethane insulation board 7, foamed cement board 8, A grade inorganic fireproof insulation mortar

Roofing material: 1, ceramic insulation board 2, xps extruded board 3, EPS foam board 4, perlite and perlite brick 5, vermiculite and vermiculite brick 6, foaming cement heat, air conditioning material: phenolic resin, polyurethane waterproof Insulation integration, rubber sponge, polyethylene, polystyrene foam, glass wool, rock wool steel materials: polystyrene, extruded board, polyurethane board, glass wool felt and so on.

Three.Slurry insulation

The slurry insulation material is mainly used for internal wall insulation, and can also be used for insulation of partition walls and household walls. If the performance allows, it can also be used for exterior insulation. There are two types of slurry materials, one is a solidification type mainly composed of a cementitious material, and the other is a dry type mainly composed of water evaporation. Its main component is a kind of lightweight thermal insulation material which is composed of a variety of materials including sepiolite (polyphenylene), mineral fiber and silicate. Its products are available in powdered and creamy (slurry) types, but are applied to the substrate by a slurry. Pay attention to the following test data when using:

(1) Used for internal insulation and partition wall: thermal conductivity, apparent density, volume shrinkage, bond strength, softening coefficient, asbestos content, water vapor permeability coefficient, water absorption rate, oxygen index, etc.

(2) Thermal conductivity, apparent density, volume shrinkage, bond strength, water repellency, asbestos content, softening coefficient, water absorption, fire resistance, etc. of the material used for external thermal insulation, and also the thermal insulation of the system Insulation.

Whether it is sheet insulation material or slurry insulation material has its own characteristics, as long as it adapts to its characteristics, it can maximize its advantages and play a multiplier role in building energy conservation.


The inverted roof is: a roof that is provided with a hydrophobic insulation material on the waterproof layer. The advantages are:

1.Simplify construction and avoid waste;

2.It is not necessary to set up the roof exhaust system;

3.The waterproof layer is protected from thermal stress, ultraviolet rays and other factors to damage the waterproof layer;

4.excellent moisture resistance makes it have long-term stable thermal insulation performance and compressive strength;

5. the use of high-efficiency insulation materials, in line with the development direction of building energy-saving technology;

6.The hydrophobic insulation material can be cut and processed by electric heating wire or other conventional tools, and the construction is quick and easy;rockwool suppliers

7.In the future, the roof maintenance will not damage the materials, which is convenient and simple;

8. can maintain long-term thermal insulation function, durability is equivalent to the life of the building.

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