CNC Machining

Forty years ago, in the planet of big corporate manufacturing, computer systems began producing their way into the factories. CNC laser cutting machine can make very good merchandise for our factory. Make funds for us. Fiber laser cutting machine perform in high efficiency. Laser fusion cutting is mainly used for the cutting of non-oxidizable components or active metals, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and alloys.

At present, there are over 200 laser processing machine makers operating in China, supported by a robust industrial workforce consisting of practically 20,000 workers, among which the technicians account for 50%, and specialists with medium to senior technical titles account for 30%. In the mean time, the market development in China also attracted the attention and follow-up by a lot of overseas laser processing gear producers.

Due to the fact a laser has an average size of only a handful of micrometers, it makes it possible for for precision to produce and cut sheet metal prototypes that would be not possible if other techniques have been utilized. This results in an virtually limitless array of possibilities.

INJ-60M fiber laser cutting machine as a single classic model, broadly utilized in several frequent locations of our life, such as processing of stainless steel kitchenware, storage cabinet and other cabinets, is closely related to people’s every day life.

2.5KW CNC laser cutting machine can reduce 15mm stainless steel. For thicker stainless steel, we need 3KW laser cutting machine. Yesterday, we talked about hardware of fiber laser marking machine. Today we’d like to speak about software program of fiber laser machine. In market place, China EZCAD is the most well-liked. Then, Germany Samlight.

Fiber CNC laser cutting machine has robust fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers adaptability in metal cutting. Yeah!LegendB5II is an potent table plasma cutting machine. It can fit for each marking and cutting. B5II plasma cutting machine can reduce as thin as .3mm and as thick as 22mm. When power supplies is in poor capacity or filter failure, it is really difficult to find out. It will make CNC table plasma cutting machine quit functioning suddenlyMake damage to us. So we require to make upkeep of CNC cutting machine in time.

Most laser cutters are powered by CO2. Wood has a high absorption of the ten.six-micron wavelength of CO2. The cutting takes spot as a outcome of a chemical degradation process, exactly where wood fiber is burned away and removed below the pressure of an assist gas. Due to this, the edges of wood articles cut by the laser approach seem charred, but there is negligible surface discoloration.

Some of the internationally renowned laser processing companies have invested and set up factories in China and some have set up joint ventures in China. As a basic trend, they enter into Chinese industry successively and establishing localized international competition in China.