Massage Gun Benefits And Best Types

Hydragun also includes a power converter, which is convenient to have on your international travels. It charges quickly and we have yet to use the whole battery, but we have kept it on the charger most of the time when it’s not in use. addsfit Mini Massage Gun with both heads, and my AirPods Pro case for size reference. It’s also powerful — I’ve never used it on more than the first power setting because the other ones feel way too intense. Size has definitely not impacted their ability to put an intense motor in this thing. The head attachments on the gun also felt less high-quality than on cheaper guns like the addsfit.

Don’t forget to look for extra battery provided with the package. While enjoying your comforting and pain-relieving massage session, a machine with a high buzz can be quite annoying to you and the others. What makes this gun fantastic is it gives us no reason to not bring it with us everywhere we go. While it may be nice to have a larger massage gun for at-home massages, this mini massage gun makes it so much more convenient to bring with us on the go right alongside our phones, and keys. The Addsfit Portable mini massage gun is also an extremely quiet massage gun.

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All our products ship proudly from the USA, with our warehouses being located on both coasts in California and Florida. Another thing to note about the Theragun Pro is that it is still quite noisy at the highest speed setting. If you are a looking for a quality unit that packs a lot of power then the Theragun PRO is your answer. Some compare using the heating feature to getting a hot stone massage, and report they get faster results than using percussive massage without heat.

For sheer power, it’s tied with the Theragun G3 Pro, providing up to 60 lbs of pressure at 2,400 cycles per minute, with a long 16 mm stroke length for better, deeper penetration. To this purpose, it comes with two different three-headed, soft attachments for general massage, as well as a curved accessory that works well on calves and biceps. Two ball type massage heads made of hard plastic allow you to perform more targeted treatments and get to work deeper under the skin. In some ways the opposite of the Vybe and Theragun, the Opove M3 Pro is less powerful but far more versatile. If you’re intrigued by the health benefits percussion massage devices offer but don’t really know where to begin, this is a good starting point.

If you’re unhappy with your VYBE product, then reach out to their customer support team within 30 days of purchase. Conversely to the price being good for performance, there are also a couple drawbacks. The motor is loudand it is certainly not an ideal option for folks like myself that live in quiet and small apartment buildings. Another drawback to the price is that the warranty for this product is not as great as some of the other pricier options on the market. We receive free products to review and may receive commissions on purchases made through our links. We had never heard of it before, but it is rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon.

The variable stroke rate means that you can use it at your convenience. There are three massage heads on offer which allow you to customize the performance of the massage gun. The 90 rotation of the head ensures that you can reach every muscle quite easily. FBF Massage Guns are premium quality massage guns, with their design carefully engineered and designed by our team in North America, and shipping from our warehouses in California and Florida.