Water Pollution destroying Aqua Ecology

With the development of industry, more and more pollution is appearing, especially the water pollution which is one of the biggest problems in today’s new life.

What Is Water Pollution

Water pollution is a kind of pollution that the groundwater is polluted by toxic chemicals and biological agents which  exceed what is naturally found in the water, and the terrible thing is that this kind of pollution may pose a threat to human health and/or the environment. Besides, because of various human activities, chemicals introduced into the water bodies may be consist of the city water pollution. No matter what kind of harm those chemicals may pose to human health and the environment, they will pollute the water.

Causes Of Water Pollution

There are some examples of such chemicals, especially many of the chlorinated solvents commonly used in industry, which is polluting our waters just as the result of human activities. A gasoline oxygenate that is called MTBE (Methyl-tert-butyl-ether), which is another example currently banned in the U.S. Regardless of their provenance. No matter what kind of the chemicals or biological agents are, they are generically referred to as water pollutants due to cause water pollution.

It doesn’t matter whether water’s size is big or not, or where the location is, or any kind of it can become polluted. Not only lakes from remote areas but also huge water bodies can be polluted because of the air transportation of pollutant particles and their transfer into precipitation water. At some point, swimming pools, ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, seas, and oceans which are the groundwater and surface water may all become polluted. If the water body is bigger, the time that required for naturally cleansing the pollution and recovery is shorter, just because the quick diffusion and dissipation of contamination and the faster natural degradation processes.

water pollution

Types of Water Pollution

  1. Chemical — there are various chemicals causing the water pollution, and the most common water pollutants are as follow:

Crude oil and various petroleum products which are included gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, motor and lubricating oils, jet fuel. They are always sitting on top of water forming sheens of “free product” because these compounds are lighter than water. But, if there is a small amount of these compounds dissolve in water, it will be harmful and at the same time may remain unnoticeable by the eye.

Fertilizers which are included nitrates and phosphates. They can be used to life with a small amount, but if there are higher amounts of nitrates and phosphates in water can be beneficial to algae and harmful microorganisms instead of human and aquatic life, and at the same time, they cannot be seen themselves in water due to they do not form sheens or color the water. The fast and abundant water growth is the typical effect of water pollution by fertilizers though agricultural runoff.

Chlorinated solvents which are included TCE, PCE, 1,1,1-TCA, carbon tetrachloride, Freons. They are quite persistent and toxic when they sink in water. Because of this, these compounds are different form petroleum products that are easily seen as sheens on top of water surface, they cannot be seen by the eye.

Petroleum solvents which are included benzene, toluene, xylenes, ethylbenzene.

Other organic solvents and chemicals are included acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, alcohols such as ethanol, isopropanol; or oxygenate compounds such as MTBE.

Antibiotics and other products which are pharmaceutical.

  1. Radiological — this is always the most comment water pollutant causes.
  2. Biological — if there are a lot of microorganisms such as bacterial species and viruses, worms, and algae in the water, they will be one of biggest the water pollution.

water pollution

Sources of Water Pollution

The medical, industrial and household waste, chaotic agricultural fertilizers disposal and accidental oil spills are the main sources of water pollution, and they pollute the water to a large extent. There has been numerous research on the sources of water pollution which points back to human sources.

  • A lot of infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, through sewage, human waste, and animal excreta, they pollute the water.
  • Uranium, thorium, and radon are highly toxic materials which are consist in radioactive waste. Mining, power plants or natural sources are activities which pollute the water most, and some steel pipe suppliers won’t deal with these pipes with highly toxic materials.
  • The chemical substances can be either organic such as pesticides, plastic, oil, detergents, etc. which is from domestic, industrial or agricultural waste, or inorganic such as acids, metals, salts which is from domestic and industrial effluents.

There are some examples of major water pollutants that affect the ecosystem:

  • Plant nutrients can form various chemical fertilizers, sewage, and manure such as phosphates and nitrates
  • Sewage and agricultural run-offs form oxygen-demanding manures and agricultural waste
  • The heated waters that used in several industries and power plants, sediments that after soil erosion in the soil

How Does Water Pollution Affect Us

A large variety of diseases and a serious problem for human health may be caused by water pollution. We will get exposed to polluted water in various ways which is included but not necessarily limited to:

You may drink polluted water

You may bath or shower in polluted water

You may swim in polluted water

You may breathe the vapors of a polluted water

You may consume polluted food

You may consume meat from animals which are fed of the food polluted by water.

Diseases caused by Water Pollution

After exposure the effects of water pollution may appear immediately, in the case of drinking water, a high amount of pollutants will be more or less violent. Lower amounts of pollutants will appear some time after repetitive exposure to water. Drinking water which is polluted will cause from simple intoxication and stomach aches to deadly diseases or sudden death. So with the development of industry, more and more water pollution appear, especially the city water pollution. Some steel pipe suppliers can make some pipes which can help protect water from the pollution, and people can use and drink the clean water.

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