Why are the same shape of galvanized steel pipes at different prices

The shape of galvanized steel pipe is generally round and square, but there is no other shape of galvanized steel pipe. The galvanized steel pipe is divided into hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and cold-galvanized steel pipe, whether it is round steel pipe or square steel pipe. One feature is that it can be galvanized. Then why the shape of the galvanized steel pipe is the same, but the following is a small series for everyone to explain.square steel tubing

As one of the galvanized steel pipes, the galvanized pipe is a very practical steel. This new steel is different from the previous steel, and its performance is stronger. The steel can be cold-rolled or hot-rolled. It is made into the galvanized steel strip used now. The galvanized steel pipe is galvanized after the hot rolling process, and the hot galvanizing coating is uniform, which can extend the service life of the steel plate, which also makes the galvanized steel pipe have Very good corrosion resistance.

Why are the same shape of galvanized steel pipes at different prices

There is generally a difference in quality between galvanized steel pipes. The price of steel pipes sold by different steel pipe manufacturers will also be different. Secondly, the galvanized steel pipe process will be customized. The galvanized steel pipes will be customized according to national standards, although cold-galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip plating.The shape of the zinc pipe is not much different, but the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is thicker in the process, so the price is higher.

There are many galvanized steel pipe manufacturers that can order on the Internet, and can also get in touch with the customer’s customer service. We can simply understand what the other party’s offer is, why there is such a quote, and so on. As long as it can meet our requirements, you can choose to compare samples, you can know the quality of the steel pipe, the cost performance has always been the user’s most concerned issue, so ordering steel pipe on the Internet can save customers a lot of time.welded pipe manufacturers

Secondly, there is the phenomenon of agents. There is a certain gap between the direct sales of galvanized steel pipe manufacturers and agents. The purchase price of general agents will be very low, but the price of selling will be a lot. The phenomenon of middlemen making the difference is in each. The industry exists. If you want low price and quality assurance, please go directly to the steel pipe manufacturers to buy. Today, why is the galvanized steel pipe with the same price but different prices? The content is here, I hope to help everyone.

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